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wrote toFranziska Weber 🇩🇪🇺🇸 🤓 I make learning easy and fun

2024/06/15 03:04
Franziska is an exceptional tutor, deeply passionate about teaching German. She has expertly guided my daughter in discovering the most effective methods for learning the language, which is both amazing and impressive. Franziska has helped my daughter overcome the challenges of German grammar. Finding a tutor who can tailor their approach to fit a learner's style and personality is crucial, and Franziska does an outstanding job. I am confident that with her help, my daughter will achieve great success in learning German!

wrote toFranziska Weber 🇩🇪🇺🇸 🤓 I make learning easy and fun

2024/06/14 08:36
Franziska is a really great teacher, she provides lots of materials and a fun atmosphere to learn German. Today we practiced the basic grammar, she helped correct the answers and showed additional examples. It really helps me gain more insight of the German language.

wrote toRomana 🏆20yrs Exp🔥Teaching with Passion

2024/06/13 20:11
This time teacher taught me how to buy the goods from the shop and how to describe the unit of those things. We did a very good conversion to pretend selling and buying. I think this is very helpful!👍👍

wrote toFranziska Weber 🇩🇪🇺🇸 🤓 I make learning easy and fun

2024/06/12 18:04
I hight recommend to learn German with Franziska , she is very enthusiastic, fun and professional teacher with a great chance to practice a language with her, she is super patient. after every class she send me the study materials & homework in order to repeat what we practice in the lesson. I simply enjoy my classes

wrote toFranni🇩🇪 🔥Native, 7+yrs experience, motivating, empathetic 🔥

2024/06/12 17:13
We talked about the email and text that I wrote in German for the first time. Franni helped to correct them to a more proper form, which would be the examples that I can refer to for the next writings. Besides, Franni provides me with additional materials for me to learn after class. Thank you!

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wrote toRomana 🏆20yrs Exp🔥Teaching with Passion

2024/06/12 09:41
Romana is an excellent teacher who combines seriousness with encouragement in her teaching approach. I appreciate her teaching style and believe she is the perfect fit for me. Currently, I am studying German and linguistics at university, and I can recognize when a teacher is well-trained in language instruction—it makes a significant difference. We are following the A1-C2 curriculum for German, and her lessons are never boring. With Romana, I am confident that I can build a strong foundation in the language. Before signing up for her class, I hesitated due to a one-star review I saw. However, after my first lesson, I knew she was the right teacher for me and promptly signed up for 20 more classes. Contrary to the negative review, Romana is neither mean nor rude; she is very kind and supportive. Reflecting on that review, it was the reviewer who was rude and immature, calling her "stupid." I believe the person reacted this way because Romana pointed out their mistakes directly—which is exactly what a good teacher should do. Correcting mistakes is a normal and essential part of language learning, and each correction improves your language proficiency.

wrote to🇩🇪Teacher Alex🥇 - 📝 Beginners to Advanced - 德语教师 🇩🇪

2024/06/11 19:13
Today's class helped me learn better choice of words in speaking German. Even though my vocabulary is extremely limited for free talking, I think I will improve from the feedback I get in each class. Thank you!

wrote toFranziska Weber 🇩🇪🇺🇸 🤓 I make learning easy and fun

2024/06/10 23:03
Franziska is an enthusiastic and warm teacher. Classes with her are always fun and fruitful. She also assigns homework for each week, which motivate me to study German outside of the class. I had felt frustrated with my slow progress in the language. However, with Franziska's help I believe I will slowly reach my goal. Thank you!

wrote to⭐️ German Tutor- Katja 🌈 Learning German with Joy and happiness

2024/06/07 19:34
My daughter has been learning German from Teacher Katja for a few years, and she has been patience to teach and keeps my daughter's interests in the language. My daughter is going to take the first German exam soon and we look forward to a positive result.

wrote to🌹Madeline🌹Internationally Acclaimed Conductor🎵Expert in Music & Languages🌍22 Years of Teaching🎓

2024/06/05 00:24
Madeline is a very nice person , full of passion , very patience and encouraging to student. her teaching materials are very helpful and practical, i have learnt a lot in just a few lessons , so glad that i can learn in such a joyful lesson atmosphere .

wrote toSheryl✨German Exams Goethe, TELC, DaF✨Conversation

2024/06/04 22:27
In our first lesson, Sheryl demonstrated deep knowledge and excellent teaching ability. She quickly assessed my level and designed a personalized plan to address my needs. I'm optimistic that with her guidance, I'll make steady progress, and would recommend Elise to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, dedicated online German tutor.

wrote toTobias Beier - with patience and fun to success 🙂

2024/06/01 16:47
Tobias is exceptionally attentive to individual needs and customizes lessons based on personal goals. His passion for teaching shines through in every session, and he is incredibly easy to converse with, making the learning process smooth and engaging. I also appreciate the notes he provides after class and the optional homework, which helps reinforce what I've learned.

wrote toFrederik Stoltenberg Patient and motivating - also bilingual

2024/05/29 16:18
Frederik is a very nice and kind teacher. Also very easy to talk to! He sent me vocabulary list and tailor-made exercises for me while I told him what kind of topics I would like to strengthen. Overall I had a great learning experience with Frederik :)

wrote toFranziska Weber 🇩🇪🇺🇸 🤓 I make learning easy and fun

2024/05/23 23:03
Franziska is a great teacher, I enjoy every class and learning German is never boring with her! She is very qualified and every class is very interesting. She gives space to talk and practice, but also focuses on the grammar and takes the time needed to explain everything until it's clear. Besides being a great teacher, she is very nice and lovely to talk with! I highly recommend her :)

wrote toFranziska Weber 🇩🇪🇺🇸 🤓 I make learning easy and fun

2024/05/22 21:47
I truly enjoy my German lessons with Franziska. She is such a professional teacher yet she makes my lessons fun and easy to understand. Franziska is very patient, prompt and efficient. If you want to learn a language with Franziska, I would sincerely recommend her to you. She is a fabulours teacher and I am glad I found her :)

wrote toRomana 🏆20yrs Exp🔥Teaching with Passion

2024/05/21 21:31
I have taken classes with many different teachers here, but I can say that she is the best. She makes me use as much German as possible. It allows me to continue thinking and using German on my own. She delicately corrects my mistakes every time and makes me fully understand them again. I can confidently recommend her to anyone who wants to learn German :)

wrote to🇩🇪Teacher Alex🥇 - 📝 Beginners to Advanced - 德语教师 🇩🇪

2024/05/20 20:07
After been through one week class does Mr. Alex really helps me a lot and I think my speaking is much better than before. I hope I can pass successfully tomorrow test. Truly appreciate.

wrote toArmon🏅ESL Expert➕Pro Writer🏅🌅Teens & Adults🌅 💥Conversation💠Travel💠Cambridge💥IELTS

2024/05/18 23:05
Teacher Armon is a highly educated, very experienced tutor. He has the rare ability of making the student become part of the teaching process. I learned more with him in one lesson than I learned in 20 lessons with my previous tutors. He taught me a new method on how to speak German easier and faster. He also helped me improve my pronunciation greatly. He has a calm and likeable character. In my opinion, Armon’s the most qualified teacher for intermediate and basic German, especially if you need help with conversation or grammar.

wrote toSheryl✨German Exams Goethe, TELC, DaF✨Conversation

2024/05/18 06:59
The trial lesson was very structured and time efficient. Sheryl was also very easy to talk to. I was able to voice my requirements and she provided me an actionable plan to reach my goals.

wrote toTina Experienced Teacher in ESL & DAF💖 Have Fun learning German🤗

2024/05/13 23:05
Jake have been leaning German over 1 year from Tina. My son enjoys her class very much and we are planning to attend the B1 exam. I am sure we must be successful in the exam as Tina is very helpful to my son’s study.

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All tutoring fees are set by the tutors themselves, and not by AT. Most of our tutors charge USD$10-30 per hour.

You can also get matched with suitable tutors who fit a specific budget. If the tutor’s fees work for you, you can buy a lesson package from them or start with a “trial lesson.”
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