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wrote toConnor 😇 TEFL ✅ Native English speaker 🤓

2023/10/02 22:35
I am going try to be really sincere and I hope bother you in any sense because it is not my intention, just to improve the class. I would like you to have prepared materials o subjects to talk about, or specific vocabulary to learn.If you have realised every time the class finished I asked you If you have something to correct in the way I speak or pronunciation, you always tell me everythings is fine and this is imposible even more when I realised that on certain occasions I do not know how to say something. From my perspective, the conversation is fluid because I recurr to certain subjects and you continue the conversation ej Japanese videos, reencarnation etc but I do not see you star a subject and for me the time of the class is a little bit boring. Sorry with my heart for the comment because you are a nice person, but I would expect something more from the class not just talking with any correction.

wrote toElias 🎉 Master of Pronunciation ✨ IELTS examiner 👀 IELTS 9\9 ✅ Best Speaking coach

2023/10/02 22:31
Elias is a very professional tutor especially in essay writing. He instructed me with a clear concept of formal writing and clarified my confusion about grammar. I enjoy class time with him. Highly recommended!

wrote toPaul 🇬🇧 IELTS Expert 🇬🇧 Business English 🇬🇧 Engineering

2023/10/02 22:14
I had an excellent trial class with Paul, and I was so impressed that I decided to continue with his 50-mins lessons. Just completed the first class and thanks to Paul’s patience and clear explanation during the lesson. I’ve learned a lot! He will customise the lessons based on your needs. I’m looking forward to my next class.

wrote toElias 🎉 Master of Pronunciation ✨ IELTS examiner 👀 IELTS 9\9 ✅ Best Speaking coach

2023/10/02 20:35
Just came back from the IELTS exam and I got an overall 8! I had been quite worried about my IELTS writing. Many thanks to Elias who explained different writing topics in detail and gave me a lot of well-written examples to study. He was also easy to talk to and responded quickly when I asked him questions via texts.

wrote to🇺🇸Dennis🇺🇸🔥Business English🔥Entrepreneurship🔥Group Class 40% OFF

2023/10/02 20:06
Oh my God! I'm back again! I'm so excited to join your class, and I really look forward to talking to you. As always, every time I share the problems I'm facing, you provide me with excellent suggestions to try and resolve them. Words cannot express how happy I am today. I'm thrilled to talk to you again!

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wrote to🇬🇧Kim🏆BNO Migration Support🔥Exam Preparation🏅Pronunciation Specialist🔥

2023/10/02 19:55
We had our class in the Mid-Autumn Festival, and we talked about the mooncake! Then, we went back to the exercise book. Firstly, we covered the intonation of a . sentence. Secondly, Mr.Kim told me about the differences in expressing the time in different countries, and he explained why omitting a word might draw attention to it. Finally, we worked on multiple stresses and the listening exercise.


2023/10/02 19:18
Thank you Miss Jade for getting my girl ready for Cambridge exam. Each lesson is structured with clear objective and followed by homework which is manageable, and it allows us to practise more. Look forward to next lesson and seeing her improvement.

wrote toChris — Children's English Expert 🚀☀️ English Literature 📚 English Writing Specialist ✍️

2023/10/02 19:12
Chris’s Lesson was well-arranged to meet my son’s needs of English writing. Thanks Chris to prepare personalized material and let my son easily comprehend how to create his own piece of article or story.

wrote toMeet your new favorite teacher Rima CELTA Certified📜 Fun learning English language skills 📚

2023/10/02 18:11
RIMA teacher's class is very procedural and not too messy. After the end of the previous lesson, I proposed to the teacher that I wanted to learn more new words, and the teacher would accept the proposal and make arrangements. Every class is also a breeze.

wrote toJames📌IELTS & DSE Expert👨‍🏫Certified Teacher📌Fun & Interactive🇬🇧🇭🇰🇨🇦

2023/10/02 17:09
I couldn't imagine going to ILETS speaking test without practicing with James! He knows the exam very well. He knows what the examiner is expecting. Honestly, I felt terrible after my first speaking class with James cos he made me realised how bad I was. But I am feeling much better after the second class with the skills he had taught me. I believe I will be ready and confident about my speaking test after a few more classes with James.

wrote to🏅Teacher Yetta👩Conversational English🌎Trilingual 🇬🇧 Kids English 🦄

2023/10/02 17:05
Today I learned social medial , we talked about how much spending on those platforms. And we watched a video, learning so many words ! takeaway, smashed , carefree , a washout, a hen party, treasure, typical..... It's very fun! Thanks Yetta~

wrote to🇬🇧Kim🏆BNO Migration Support🔥Exam Preparation🏅Pronunciation Specialist🔥

2023/10/02 15:59
What left a deep impression on me today is that there is a concept of 'irony' in English, just like in Chinese, where people don't want to directly talk about someone's flaws and use a subtle approach. This is very helpful for me! In conversations, I might be able to infer the other person's true thoughts, especially in my work (so when someone subtly criticizes me, I'll know 😄). The vocabulary is growing, and I'm realizing that I might easily forget the meanings of some words 😭. But thanks to the teacher for patiently repeating and explaining them to me. I think I need to read more English books or storybooks to help myself better retain the vocabulary.

wrote toBeverley🇬🇧UK Native Teacher📖 IELTS✍️Business EXPERT 💼Conversation👄ALL AGES

2023/10/02 15:02
Suffice to say ,Beverley is a wonderful teacher and she’s an expert in the field of education , meticulous yet proficient in guiding you through a plateau in learning English. For me, it’s a pure bliss when learning with Beverley. I am really keen on learning with you, and as always thank you so much. :)

wrote toJun(+9yrs Exp.)💚Top Korean University of Edu.👨‍🎓Youtube Language instructor👩‍🏫Speaking 5 languages🍀

2023/10/02 14:00
***10/1 why is education important in our society? In my opinion, the whole point of schooling is to teach us how to think for ourselves and play nice with others once we hit the real world. If most of us are getting schooled and you're not, you're gonna feel left out, like you're missing the playbook everyone else has. It's like volleyball, my favorite game. Basics like passing and serving? That's your grade school and high school. You gotta nail those before moving on to the cool stuff, like spiking or blocking, which is kinda like college or specialized training. And playing an actual game, vibing with your teammates, and going for the win? That's just like working in the real world with everyone else. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ***9/22 keyword with taboo words 1) Taipei ( w/o using Taiwan, capital city, famous, many people) Located in the northern part of an island in the Pacific Ocean, east of China and south of Japan, Taipei sits nestled between mountains and the sea. It serves as a scenic urban center and a hub, with various landscapes and experiences accessible through a well-connected network of roads and railways. 2) Water ( w/o using drink, pure, sea, river, ocean, rain) This transparent, odorless liquid is essential for life, forms lakes and streams, fills our oceans, and falls from the sky, quenching the thirst of every living being and the earth itself.

wrote to💎Amin VIP IELTS (London -Dubai -Hong Kong) 10 years 💎

2023/10/02 13:33
Amin is a very experienced teacher~ He will guide you to think from many different perspectives, and each time you will learn many different methods of analysis and expression. For those preparing for IELTS exams, he really has everything you need!

wrote to🇺🇸 Gregory - VIP Teacher / Elite Credentials 🇺🇸

2023/10/02 13:13
Gregory is an excellent teacher and listener who takes the time to understand his students' needs. He was able to identify what I wanted to improve and suggest some great ideas. I highly recommend him.

wrote to🇺🇸 Gregory - VIP Teacher / Elite Credentials 🇺🇸

2023/10/02 13:01
We brainstormed and tried to figure out what should be included in our class. Gregory said that he is working on a questionnaire on it and that he will send me later by this week. In addition, he introduced me to the concepts of workflow and the second brain, which may be useful for my academic research.

wrote to💗 ‌[ Sherry ] 💗 IELTS Master 🔥 Conversation Coach +18 yrs ex 🥇IELTS 8.5

2023/10/02 12:22
We practice the part 2 and part 3 about science subject today. And for part 3, Sherry reminds me of the process: answering, supporting, and example. Sometimes I failed or forgot to support because I think my example plays both role on supporting and example. But It doesn’t followed the idea or logic in the West. What examiners expect is the order for developing idea. Eg. Mathematic is the cornerstone of most STEM discipline. What I mean is that numerous subjects are extended through math, like the innovation of computer is essentially the product of math.

wrote toJoycee 🥇Accepts all Ages | Licensed Practitioner | English Mentor

2023/10/02 09:34
Thanks for Joycee's time and lesson. We exchanged the ideas of marketing and she also provides me some information about Google re-marketing and also the other methods of operating marketing. It is good to have the chance to exchange the marketing ideas and information with each other, especially Joycee has the experience about this field.

wrote to✨Teacher Keith ✨❤️SPEAK ENGLISH WITH CONFIDENCE❤️

2023/10/02 09:33
Today's lesson was my first time with you. I enjoyed it. I got a listening lesson. I could understand the almost story if I heard twice at slowly speed. And I could understand at natural speed after slow speed. I'm looking forward to see you again.

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