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wrote to🇺🇸🤩𝗛𝗔𝗡𝗡𝗔🤩 English Confidence Coach💎🎊NEW GROUP CLASSES🎊

2022/12/10 01:05
Hanna is a professional English teacher, In her trial lesson she has nice slides prepared to prompt students on what should talk about, she has a full passion for trying to let you understand her teaching style. Definitely try more lessons with her.

wrote toClare 🇨🇦🇵🇭Fun 🧚TEFL certified💅Enthusiastic teacher 🌊

2022/12/10 00:55
I'm very excited and nervous this is the first time I study in all spoken English! Luckily the teacher is nice, the atmosphere is relaxed, keep smiling and let me have the courage to ask questions I hope to have the opportunity to continue to take classes next time to make English learning happy and progress

wrote to🇺🇸Dennis🇺🇸🔥Business English🔥Entrepreneurship🔥Group Class 40% OFF

2022/12/10 00:29
Dennis, it makes me happy to see you write "it's like talking to an old friend" but I'm actually a little surprised. Because although my speaking ability has made some progress, it is still not smooth. I think chatting with me in English should be a bit tiring. Anyway, thank you for your encouragement.

wrote to🌸 Have fun learning English with Gaga 🌸

2022/12/10 00:19
"The following items has been modified: 1) " "The following items has been modified: 1) We revised the name of the XXX " "The modified items are as following: 1) We revised the name of the XXX " "The modified items are as follow: 1) We revised the name of the XXX " "The information of XXX are provided as the attached file. " "The data of the XXX are/is prvided in the attached file. Please check. " as below 去找下列的資訊, 下行可以續講別的事 are as follow or are as followingk 接續往下看條項 "Could you please to check if the switch in on? "I attached the file. Please check it. "laws of physics introvert extrovert baby step worked non-stop today I had a lot on my plate today. working in a cycle frustrated 沮喪 煩躁 the thing I am dealing with did't went well Could you pleased to check if the switch in on? 不要在用Could you "help to ", 有那種需要跟你一起幫忙才能完成 I attached the file. Pls check it. 用過去式就好 不要用完成,因為你附檔是已經過去了在客戶收到時 建議自己面對鏡子自我介紹 + 鼓勵 在來講幾句英文 感謝老師認真教學

wrote to⚜️Wade🎓Cambridge Teaching Certificate📓TOEIC Gold Certificate🎤Indie Singer-Songwriter⚜️

2022/12/09 23:55
Learning English with Wade is like talking with a nice friend. We shared our music preferences and discussed about different types of music today. During the conversation, there were some words I couldn’t pronounce correctly, or some thoughts I just couldn’t interpret properly. Wade helped me speak in a right way. Hope I can be less nervous in the next class. Or I should really get some drinks next time hehe!🍺

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wrote to🦄Teacher Jess🦄 Kids Expert/Pronunciation/Cambridge🌈AGES 6 -25🌈✨

2022/12/09 23:49
You are the patient english teacher. it is fun in your class and I like the english booklet for my learning material. because I think I start from the basic to gain the foundation level. I hope I could follow the learning progress and prepare my future test. for example, IELTS etc...going to my self-realization. thank you jess teacher. keep appointing the schedule.

wrote to🇬🇧Kim🏆BNO Migration Support🔥Exam Preparation🏅Pronunciation Specialist🔥

2022/12/09 22:57
To start off, I shared my lovely day with friends on a private beach in my neighbourhood yesterday. In contrast to mine, the weather on Kim's side has been frosty. I was a bit shocked at that. Then we continued the exercise learning how to drop the 't' or 'd' sound in a word when speaking relatively fast. After that, Kim shared with me a poem about Spelling Checker. It's full of mistakes that couldn't be checked in a computer's spelling checker. Many of these errors were homophones of the correct words. Along the way, I picked up loads of new words, including chequered, lee, marques, revue, quay, whir, oar, strait, rite, lea, awl, tolled, yew, lode, aide, rime and stile.

wrote toBrock | Pronunciation Expert 🌏 ✈️

2022/12/09 22:53
Brock is very patient to correct my sound and tongue position. He explains in different ways to make me understand the difference between sounds. This pronunciation class is worth learning.

wrote toChristine Jeanne 🥇16+ years TEFL | TESOL🥇

2022/12/09 22:41
Christine is a very good teacher and we talked about “name” this topic today. We shared the ideas together and I got lots of chances to talk. Thanks and look forward to seeing her again soon.

wrote toTeacher Rika 🌈 KIDS EXPERT 🍎30% DISCOUNT👑

2022/12/09 22:40
Thanks to teacher Rita arranging these nice small group classes. My son really enjoyed the classes and had a lot of fun. Attending small group class is more effective to him in learning English.

wrote to🇹🇼James💼Best Business & Conversation Teacher📈Raised in California🎓Native speaker📣

2022/12/09 22:34
I enjoyed the class since James taught a whole new concept of learning English which I had never thought of before and agreed with and that's why I decided to sign up for his class. Thumb up!

wrote toLauren K | British English 🇬🇧 Conversational & Pronunciation

2022/12/09 22:19
William and Catherine were on cloud nine today! They played lots of games with you today like wordle,they were shocked that the word is braid! They also played the recorder with you, the song is Harry Potter ! William and Catherine enjoyed playing and talking with you! They also heard Never Gonna Give You Up ! William and Catherine showed their paintings to you! William likes the shark 🦈 jumping out of the water one and Catherine likes the Hermione one! They both hope you can come to Hong Kong earlier!

wrote to🌻Ms. Hillary🌻 Grammar, Pronunciation, and Conversational English🍎Children and Adults😊

2022/12/09 21:51
It was great to see Ms Hillary today. I’m happy to have class with you. We talked about 🇫🇷Mbappe (基利安·姆巴佩)🇫🇷and 🇵🇱 Poland🇵🇱(菜万多夫斯基). We also talked about 'cotton ' 'perfume ''weave' and clothes that are made of plants and conjunctions . I will watch (克罗地亚🇭🇷)and(巴西🇧🇷)later. I would do your homework tomorrow .See you next time Bye-bye ! Sincerely , Kitty 2022.12.9

wrote to🍎Teacher Stania🍎 ELA/ESL Endorsement🗼Children 3&up 🔔 7 Years' Experience🌈 Adult Conversational ⚓️

2022/12/09 21:50
Stania always says "very good" for evry right answer and when my daughter gets it wrong she says "very close". My daughter specifically said that this increase her confidence🙏🙏🙏🙏 Thank you so much for this!

wrote to🥇Annie🥇New Video is UP! 🇺🇸🇹🇼🇭🇰

2022/12/09 21:41
Today we talked about the difficult part of English. We shared some experiences of learning English, including sharing our language with foreigners, pronunciation, and how to improve. In the next discussion, Teacher Annie introduced one useful tool for me. Let me try to use it. At the end of the class, I shared what is my favorite part of the class with teacher Annie.

wrote toJoe 🌟 IELTS Prep / EAP/ Gain confidence 💪 learning from native speaker from USA

2022/12/09 21:11
We did two writing practices today. I learned how to describe a historical place. For my travel memory, I needed to describe Tiananmen Square, which was related to June Fourth Incident, which is a part of Chinese history. It's difficult for me to pick suitable words.

wrote to🌹Teacher Hannah🦋Conversation for Business & fun; Fluent Native English 🌹 Trial class for $1 ✔️

2022/12/09 20:31
well~ In that article, I learned that desertification is caused by human activity or natural factors. To be more specific, over logging for farming or that place lacks rain and becomes dry. :)

wrote to🌟 Odile 🌍 EXPERT English teacher for ALL AGES, LEVELS and TOPICS🏆 🥇

2022/12/09 20:26
Thank you,Odile,thank you for teaching me another great class,you are always kind and patient. This morning after I got up at 6:15 am, I was sorry to hear that you fell on your stomach on the concrete, I was also happy to hear your baby was ok, take care of yourself, I hope your daughter will be born smoothly and you are all be healthy ,thank you for your advice, good luck to you all the time.

wrote to🇺🇸Dennis🇺🇸🔥Business English🔥Entrepreneurship🔥Group Class 40% OFF

2022/12/09 20:16
Honestly, I enjoyed talking to you every time. Since I met you, I've had one habit which is reading English articles daily. Now I read not only articles, but I read fiction. See, I used the adjective to describe the weather today. It's amazing! It is really helpful for boosting my vocabulary.

wrote to✏️Learn with Luke✏️ English Native Speaker🇺🇸 ESL Teacher 2+ Years❗️Build CONFIDENCE💥

2022/12/09 20:13
I learned some daily conversations phrases in the class. I shared my presentation for the anatomy class although it hadn’t finished. It’s also a great chance to practice speaking while I tried to explain what the part of my presentation I’m responsible for is.Thanks for listening,Luke!

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