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wrote toTeacher Zoey ✨ Daily conversation tutor!!

2023/06/03 09:59
HW A movie Man In Love 1. story about this movie Two people from different worlds met unexpectedly because of a debt. The male protagonist Ah Cheng handed over the "graffiti contract" to the female protagonist Hao Ting, agreeing to eat and take a walk to pay off the debt. However, he was designed by others to lose the money to open the store, and was attacked by the police by accident. In the end, he had a nosebleed in prison and learned that he had a cerebral aneurysm. Although the two reconciled in the end, the hero still passed away due to illness, leaving behind his demented father. Be the heroine's father in his absence. 2. who are the actor Qiu Ze, Tiffany Hsu, Cai Zhennan, Zhong Xinling, Ziyin Huang 3. reason you like so much The theme song is nice 4. script or shooting or else could do better The ending is too bad 5. three classic sentences or pictures Ah Cheng handed out the "graffiti contract" to Hao Ting outside the ice fruit room, and Hao Ting poured the juice on Ah Cheng's head and left. Ah Cheng sang "Love You Are Greater Than My Pavilion" when he was dating Hao Ting at the bowling alley. The courier sent Ah Cheng a brand new three-color revolving lamp for the elder brother, so the elder brother knelt down and cried bitterly. 6. what did you learn Living in the moment! 7. money to this movie(award or just for watching) Worldwide, according to the box office tracker, $54.25 million In Taiwan, the three-day box office of Koubei Field was NT$3.86 million After the official release, the box office accumulated to NT$58 million in the first five days The box office exceeded 100 million in 9 days of release In the fourth week, the cumulative box office reached NT$329 million, making it into the top 10 box office of Taiwanese movies in Taiwan's film history, and became the highest-grossing Taiwanese movie during the severe special infectious pneumonia epidemic The final box office in Taiwan was NT$405 million

wrote toAntoinette 🎓 30+ yrs Teaching Experience 🏆 Education Major 🌟 Native English Teacher

2023/06/03 09:56
Teacher Antoinette is the sweetest human being on this planet. I couldn’t improve so much without her dedication. She always makes sure that I have the right mindset. She encourages me a lot, so I won’t feel so nervous about the test. I’m so sad that today is our last class. But I’ll highly recommend teacher Antoinette to you guys. She is definitely one of the good teachers that you want to have on the study journey. Wish Tr.Antoinette all the best in the future!!! I’m beyond grateful for your help and caring.

wrote to💎Ava🏆KIDS💥Conversation Magician🧙‍♀️Play-based Canadian learning system🚀

2023/06/03 09:47
Ethan said he likes to have class with teacher Ava very much,he hopes to have more chance to talk and play with you. I think we can continue to guiding him to say complete sentences and make him have more progress. Thanks!

wrote toSofia 🍄 Communication, creativity,& flexibility🤗

2023/06/03 09:33
The class was great! Despite some connection problem, we managed to have a short lesson in the end! The teacher was nice and willing to help! She explained her teaching approach in detail. Next time I hope the connection would be better to allow us to have a proper lesson!

wrote toMaverick✍️ Business English 👨‍🏫 coach for professionals

2023/06/03 07:41
Maverick is speaking very very good english and was able to give meuseful suggestion about my resume in the trail lesson. I can't wait to have anohter classes with him to see how much I could improve my resume and interview with him.

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wrote to✨Z✨a✨h✨i✨d✨ English💡

2023/06/03 06:20
Teacher Zahid was able to tell me when speaking which words were wrong and gave me some tips how to say them correctly or find new words to say instead. He came prepared and was easy to talk to. I thank him for his instructions and I will try your tips out! Thank you for your lesson

wrote to📝 David Blue: 📝Your 💪go-to💪 English teacher extraordinaire🏆

2023/06/03 04:12
David Blue is a top-notch teacher. He is a very knowledgeable, objective, and pragmatic teacher. I am so fortunate to choose this teacher since I have learned several idioms, the right way to pronounce many expressions, and above all, David is the kind of teacher who makes you feel confident to talk to improve my conversational skills which is one of my main goals. He provides me with immediate feedback to correct my mistakes. He not only knows how to customize my class but also maintains his class to the highest standards.

wrote to🔥Duncan💎Children and Adult English Expert💎TOEFL/IELTS/Business

2023/06/03 00:20
Classes with Duchan is really great, fun and exceeded my expectations.Teacher Duchan's courses not only helped me a lot in English, but also helped me establish self-confidence. As a student, I prefer a responsible and flexible teacher like him. He is very friendly.

wrote toJEROME 💂 BRITISH ACCENT 💂 Speak like a native 💂 UK

2023/06/03 00:14
I'm sorry today I feel lethargic and not focused enough. then I don't speak English well enough.I hope I'll be normal next time. I search for the "long covid "information ....My God,the sympton will last for at least 2 months,so~~you have to forgive me~haha.

wrote to✨ May ✨ IELTS Expert ✅ Speaking and Accent Expert 📣

2023/06/03 00:06
She's super friendly and makes learning English a breeze. I love her energetic teaching style and how she keeps us engaged in class. Thanks to her, my English skills have improved so much. She's the best!

wrote toMiss M 🌈🏆 KIDS AND ADULT EXPERT 🏆✨ 英语成功 📚

2023/06/02 23:55
Ms. M was very easy to talk to and understood my requirements. She had a good outline of what type of activities we could do to meet my goal. Anyone aiming to learn or improve their English, I would recommend her.

wrote toukPeter🔥Child & Adult Expert🏂British English👑Elementary🥳Phonics🥳Storybook

2023/06/02 23:54
I like Peter's class, he is very friendly and talkative, I think the trial class is too short hahaha. Actually, I don't have the confidence to speak English, but in class Peter always encouraged me, if I didn't understand what he was talking about, he would use the easier sentence to let me know. And during the class, he kept telling me "Don't worry" or "You're doing very well", I think it gives me a lot of confidence to keep practising English.

wrote toLearn English😍, Pass exams,😍 prepare with me😇

2023/06/02 23:37
She assessed my english level by a brief topic discussion to make a suitable teaching stratgy for me. Although I almost couldn't get what she said at first, she tried to speak slowly and gave me many chances to express in class.

wrote toHannah Mullarky😁TEFL qualified 👩‍🏫 Business English Expert🤓Target-Oriented👩‍🏫Conversation|Business🙋

2023/06/02 23:35
Learned about the structure of Present Perfect and how to use those phrases in the conversation. Not only learn the grammar but also have a lot of chances to practice my conversation skills. Great class !

wrote toPeter - ⚡ IELTS Expert ⚡Business English ⚡ English Communication with Native Speakers

2023/06/02 23:09
Summary of the first class: 1. Open Question: Why people in Taiwan don't run their own business? 2. Open Question: Which country do I want to go? 3. Open Question: What is the difference between United Sates and Switzerland 4. Watch “American Dream” video: 1. What is American Dream? 2. How to achieve it? 3. bla bla bla … can’t understand 5. Summarize and Report Article: The Shortage of Semiconductors 1. make my own notes 2. Try to report the whole paragraph from my notes Feedback: 1. Open questions are too hard for me to clearly construct and express what I want to say. If there are some hints would be better. 2. “American Dream” video has so many native English, and the speed is too hard for me to follow up. Maybe we can split it into many parts and understand each one by one. 3. Summarize and report the article is a great practice. I can understand the whole article, while I have difficulty to report it.

wrote toTOEIC990🤠Teacher 𝐘𝐀𝐃𝐈📢Start your language acquisition journey now!👊

2023/06/02 23:00
Yadi and I talked about taking 10 minutes to not think or do anything and the benefits of that. We talked about mediation, being mindful and why it is important for us. Another present session and I learned a lot of new words, phrases.

wrote toBella❤️ 🇺🇸 English, lives in 🇬🇧❤️ Speaking/Reading/Practical/Interview/Travel❤️

2023/06/02 22:45
Today, Bella brought me I WOULD RATHER QUESTIONS to let me practice my speaking, and some of them were really weird and funny. I need to tell the answers and think of reasons immediately to support my answers. I felt tired after answering so many questions, haha, but it was truly interesting to discuss with Bella because she always gave me some other comments and shared her answers as well. Time flied fast every time when I was in her class. Can't wait to see Bella next week and the new topics, too.

wrote toBonny✨🦄 𝔽𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕟𝕕𝕝𝕪 𝕂𝕚𝕕𝕤 𝔼𝕩𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕥 ✰.。.✵°

2023/06/02 22:40
Mia is still very happy in this class and likes to chat with the teacher. It is a stress-free learning to practice speaking and listening by chatting. Mia這堂課依舊上的很開心,喜歡和老師聊天。藉由聊天訓練說話及聽力是種無壓力的學習。

wrote toTeacher Amber🖤Conversation and kids EXPERT🌈🦄🌟

2023/06/02 22:36
The lessons are excellent. He can learn more grammar in class.Although it was a little difficult for the kid, but he loved it.And him reviewed the lesson after the class.Looking towards to the next lesson.Thank you Teacher Amber!

wrote toEsther👩‍💻【Netflix, Disney+ Official Authorized Translator】Best-Selling Book Author ❤️

2023/06/02 22:18
Thank you Esther for today's lesson. We have shared some more examples on the halo and horn effect. And I always release some negative energy during the lesson 😅 but actually my students are quite cute and I hope I can learn to have a good work-life balance.

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